How many…is too many candles?

It was my birthday yesterday. 21 again. okay 25. okay 28 I mean 9. 29 TWENTY NINE!! The 18-24 check box you get on forms seems a long long time ago and yet…. and yet as Ms Bradshaw would say (incidentially how old is she now 50?) it got me to thinking about how little I’ve achieved.

I know wallowing


what happened to Neil Buchanan?

Art Attack is now being hosted by a Neil Buchanan lookalike.  What a tragedy!  Am instead watching a shabby imposter (literally, he could do with a good haircut) same jumper, same palm tree sidekick; half the personality.  New lessons for the ipod generation include remembering to recycle and being nice to plastic bottles.  Higher production values for the big art attack though.  Shame really